A picture of me wearing a black and red wig and a black hat

Rue Dickey

Rue (he/they) is a Welsh-Romani-Indigenous creator living in Oregon, US. He is also disabled and neurodivergent, and passionate about intersectional representation. Rue has a Bachelor of Science cum laude in Theatre Arts, and another Bachelor of Science cum laude in Microbiology. They live with their partners and baby boy ball python.

Voice Acting

Current Projects

  • Arcadia, CA - Elliot Baldwin

  • DNA404 - Calum

  • The Graveyard Tapes - Nyx Aarons and Additional Voices

  • Monocyte - Phineas Q. Progress and Additional Voices

  • Empty (Recrudescence) - Dr. Brent Pavel

  • Coyote's Bluff - Carl and Sam

  • More coming in 2021!


Rue Dickey
They/Them/Theirs or He/Him/His.
Disabled. Neurodivergent.
Nonbinary transmasculine.
Welsh. Romani. Indigenous.

Rue works as an independent artist, writer, voice actor, and sensitivity consultant for Romani culture, Jewish diasphora culture, transness and nonbinary identity, disability, and neurodivergence. He writes tabletop RPGS, short stories, poems, and other miscellaneous projects. They also work as an audio editor for freelance projects!


Please reach out via email or Twitter DM if you are interested in any of Rue's work. They are open for art and writing commissions, voice work, sensitivity consulting, and roundtable discussion.